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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  April 29, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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elton john, prime minister david cameron and then the royal family's arrival. >> it is not just about a prince and princess. it is also about this institution of monarchy and the extraordinary role the queen has played. >> and then kate middleton emerged from all rolls-royce with her father michael. her gown was designed by sarah burton and alexander mcqueen. and i diamond -- i diamond tiara borrowed from the queen. then william and katherine took their vows. then to the balcony where they shared not one but two kisses as man and wife.
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all to the delight of the crowd. >> she is glamorous, and william is dashing as well in his uniform. >> kate is a normal girl marrying a prince. that is every girl's dream. >> exactly. >> and now a dream come true. over the last 10 years the whole world has watched as the romance developed. now today after 10 years, we are watching their big day, and it is quite a show. >> thank you for that. you can put the hat to rest now. royal wedding fever is everywhere. and watching on television was the next best thing to being in london. the celebrations are still going on tonight. our correspondent is live with their report. >> i am at union jack's in arlington where the royal party
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is under way complete with wedding cake and martinis. we expect fancy dress just like you have seen all over the d.c. area today. at this pub a 15-hour royal wedding watchathon. this british citizen says she almost feels like she is back home. >> everyone is here extensively. >> she was part of a packed house that watched the ceremony until the hour of 2:00 p.m. the appropriately named valerie came to the day off work. >> it is important to see their relationship come to the fruition of the royal wedding. >> brides tried on that there perspective dresses. >> she is reconsidering her plans to wear a veil for october
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wedding. >> the hat has made a huge comeback. >> this lace overlay will no doubt become extremely boss -- popular now. >> hundreds turned out in hats for our regle wedding watch party downtown that began before dawn. >> the music was so elegant. and her dress was stunning. >> there were kilts diamonds dresses, and not to be outdone -- rambo, who sported a wedding ring on his back. abc7 news. >> do not jump the gun just yet julie. a professional lip reader may have deciphered some of the special moments. prince william was looking
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straight ahead. but prince harry stole a glance. then the couple got into the carriage and the couple said, "now are you happy?" when they strode onto the balcony, kate said "wow." that is a lot of people. that is putting it mildly. check out our wedding photo gallery. >> and we now turn to the deadly tornadoes. it is being called america's worst natural disaster since hurricane katrina. the deaf toll tops 300 after 180 -- the death toll tossed 300 after 180 tornadoes. >> president obama surveyed
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tuscaloosa amazed at the damage left behind. >> i have got to say, i have never seen devastation like this. it is heartbreaking. >> he promised the federal government's help. help that cannot come soon enough. >> it is devastating. i do not know how to do this. >> storm survivors started to return home. many have found their lives reduced to rubble. >> we lost everything. everything was gone. >> as survivors come through the debris, search crews recovered bodies. at least one town was begging for body bags. from the air over alabama recognizable images of a few cars on an impossible road. >> it will never be the same.
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>> yet help is on the way. power drops are coming from other states to help restore electricity. and despite the fact that some lost everything many still consider themselves lucky. >> it does not compare to life. because life is precious. we have another chance. >> alabama's governor says the national guard has been activated. as many as 1 million people remained without power. it could take weeks or longer to restore. leon? >> today, gov. bob macdonald toured the devastation. one man was found alive in rubble after a tornado hit. in shenandoah county, many people were affected in our area. we are live in shenandoah county
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with the latest. suzanne? >> this 62-acre poultry and cattle farm is nothing more than a pile of rubble tonight. today has been a day for insurers to assess the damage and property owners to figure out what is next. a family farm destroyed the devastation caused by an overnight tornado wednesday night. >> i have never seen so much lightning in all my life. >> donald and his son beverly saw the storm. >> i woke up, and within seconds, it was just tremendous wind. >> this 83-year-old shenandoah county farmer has lost nearly everything. >> our house our shed, the machine shed. they are gone. >> the tornado that touched down was one of seven confirmed
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twisters in the commonwealth. today, crews are working to remove downed trees and clear roadways. they are still stunned by the damage but yet they feel lucky. >> i think the good lord we were prepared. my family all lives over there. my children live over there. if it had been down here, i might have had something to cry about today. >> there is debris everywhere. he has no long haul -- he has no idea how long the clean-up will take. still, he is an optimist. >> you know what i am going to do? be a farmer. you got to. >> this is the third time this month a tornado has hit the state of virginia. that makes the year 2011 the second deadliest on record for tornadoes in the state. reporting live in shenandoah county, suzanne kennedy abc7
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news. >> thank you. the storms seemed to be gone for now. for a check of the weekend weather, let's check in with doug hill in our weather center. >> it is cloudy and cool outside the weather center. let's look at the rooftop hd camera. you see the clouds are thinning out. there are patches of blue showing up. look at the temperatures. much cooler in recent days. you see the cloudiness in our satellite. actually, this was a big part of the severe weather outbreak, and the cloudiness we are dealing with now will get some breaks. we will have a chilly 43 to 50 tonight. all in all, a pretty good weekend forecast. >> the space shuttle endeavour
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will have to wait a little bit longer. launch was delayed because of a flight problem. our correspondent is live at cape canaveral with the very latest. scott, any idea when the shuttle will take off? >> we understand, by the way the president spoke with gabrielle giffords for about 10 minutes. speaking of which on the counter behind me, there is a plus symbol, never a good sign. the problem is in the auxiliary power unit. they have to build platforms just to get to the problem area. either way, we are looking at least a 72-hour delay. 15 minutes before boarding with the world watching, the word everyone dreads.
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"problem." >> that is the case we are ibm. >> spectators were ready to view history, including the first family. and of course gabrielle giffords recovering after being shot in the head at a political event. all will now have to wait. >> even though you are focusing on your job, you are thinking about your family, trying to get so much done as well. >> this astronauts said it can be a good thing. >> for the last year, they have been building up to. now they get to relax. >> no word if rep giffords will stay here or head back to houston.
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a spokesperson said today it is important to make sure everything is right. we are just hearing through this conference about the target dates, monday at 2:30. they have a lot of work to do to make sure that can happen abc7 is. >> good deal. thank you, scott. and northern maryland teenager allegedly detained and tortured in kuwait as a lawsuit. he alleged he was held by the u.s. government because he was on the no-fly list. he says he traveled to somalia yemen, and kuwait to study in 2009. he said he was found and fbi agents either aided or order the torture. >> they tortured me and that is what they did hopefully we will
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resolve this. >> the governor says the case has little meaning because he was allowed to fly home. still, a judge will evaluate whether the government had the responsibility make a ruling. horses were found malnourished and neglected. they were taken from a farm and are being nursed back to health. >> from news chopper 7 you can get a feel of the enormity of this alleged animal neglect case. 150 arabian horses were found at this canterbury farm and claim that most are suffering. >> parasites need for dental work lice infestation. >> every course on the property is in need of some kind of care. >> officers have been watching
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the farm for months. they say the owner moved her breeding operation about 10 years ago from california and has been trying to get by with only flop -- one farmhand to help. the head of animal control services said the situation was out of hand. >> the course market has fallen on hard times just like the rest of the economy. we had a situation where someone could not afford the upkeep. >> last week, a half-dozen of the horses were removed for treatment. some were found beyond hope and euthanize. the humane society is rounding up the rest. >> it is heartbreaking. >> these sources, perhaps as many as 930 -- these courses perhaps as many as 130, will be placed in foster farms across the area. the hope is they will have a
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brighter future than they could have had here. in centerville brad bell, abc7 news. we're falling breaking news. police found a body in maryland. a boy discovered the body at the intersection of kendale drive. possibly near the woods. no word on the identity or how the person died. the oll -- toll for each downed travelers. starting sunday, it jumps to $6 each way. chesapeake says the fare hike is necessary to maintain the road. and north carolina tourism official says the fare hike is too steep. not everyone lined up to
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watch prince william and kate middleton say "i do." some had their own wedding to worry about. the hunt for the progress began this morning. >> i have my own wedding to think about. i have to have my money to spend. i am going there. >> it is all about being a bride. >> and the event continues until 9:00 tonight. it is happening as we speak. >> there has to be five or six elbow's getting pulled. >> yes. they mean business. that kate middleton. >> we mean business about bringing better weather here. >> better weather for you. >> it looks much better for the weekend. let's jump into it.
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kind of cloudy out there. the sky is starting to clear bet over the area. let's go to annapolis and give you a look at what is happening over the naval academy. as you can see, last night a band of cloudiness came in through the day. even at this hour, we can see it is overcast. temperatures are cool. 68 degrees in lexington park. 62 in burke. 59 in gaithersburg. 66 in quantico. these cooler temperatures will come in tonight. in fact, look for lows in the 40's in the suburbs tonight. it is rebuilding through the central and southern plains. it looks like we will get a little of a warm-up tomorrow. lows 70's. then a cold front will change all that i can.
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first the cold front from yesterday, at out to sea. it is finally breaking loose and moving through. showers to the north. we are just getting through at this hour. it is clearing. central and southern portions of the country. we will be back tomorrow and sunday. later on sunday, clouds will start to increase and the increasing will be on the next cold front. there is the time stamp. beautiful day tomorrow. sunshine on sunday. more cloud may rolling in ahead of the cold front as we move through our rapid swing around through the southwest. indications are on computer models storm systems may develop. here is our express. coldplay tamara. beautiful day tomorrow. next 7-day forecast -- showers
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lingering into early wednesday. we love cooler readings, below average, through the middle and end of next year. check out we just posted two new blogs on the website. lots of great stuff. >> great. we continue our royal wedding coverage tonight. tonight on a special "20/20," a modern fairy tale. a look forward to what is in store for the happy couple. that is followed by abc7 news at eleven o'clock. there are 18 "oprah" shows. one big topic is the president's long form birth certificate
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which he finally released after two years of pressure. >> what were you thinking? >> can i just say -- i was there. i knew heidi -- i knew i had been born there. >> the president and the first lady also talked politics and about the deficit. you can see that monday at 4:00 on abc7. >> and you will have another chance to win a ticket to one of her final shows. today's key word is "show." go to for your chance to attend one of her final shows. coming up -- something stinks, and it is not just the traffic. >> i believe is a miracle. >> and this woman says she was
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cured of a debilitating disease all because of pope john paul ii. >> and how long before the restaurants a
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with this weather, now would be a great time to go out on the water for a late dinner.
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>> that is right. but the restaurant in georgetown harbor are still close. we have no video -- we have new video of how bad it is. natasha? >> for these restaurants, it could be months before they are opened back for business. we are about to give you all look at the damage that was done and the work that still has to be done. >> you are looking at what is left of farmers and fishers rest on -- farmers and fishers restaurant on georgetown harbor. >> that has to be taken up as well. >> every single wall has to be taken down. it is all gutted. inside the restaurant, demolition opens up to the business next door. here, you can see tony and joe's, also closed. here is the main harbor that is
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usually buzzing with activity. >> it is a pity, because we would have liked to have eaten there with the view of the river. >> this owner estimates the renovations will cost an estimate of $1.5 million to $2 million. >> it is a significant amount of loss three >> even the garage underneath the businesses is covered in water. >> i helped build that place from scratch. to see it back to its original shell is disheartening. >> the price tag to fix everything as we just show you -- there is a price tag of everyone spending money here. on of light like -- on a night like tonight everyone would be spending money. live from georgetown, abc7 news. >> all right.
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a program to crack down on litterbugs in the district starts off this weekend. starting june 1, 75 tickets will be handed out. if successful, the initiative could expand. coming up. all british people in the d.c. area are celebrating the royal wedding. >> i will tell you what is being done about it, coming up. >>
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you are watching a abc7 news at 5:00 with -- this is abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side d.c. residents once again cannot legally buy handguns. >> mark c. graves is live in northwest washington to explain why. >> that is right. be only agent who can facilitate handguns in to the district has lost his license. this district has registered
5:30 pm
more than 1000 handguns since the supreme court decision in 2008 but there are no gun stores in d.c. residents have had to go out of state to buy guns and have them transferred to d.c. by a federally-licensed firearms dealer. >> i bought the block a 9 millimeter and a revolver. >> the only licensed dealer in d.c. has lost his lease, and he stopped taking orders for new transfers, meaning d.c. residents cannot register their handguns. >> we would be absolutely helpless. they have no place else to go. >> but there is another obstacle that could keep residents from registering handguns anytime soon. the zoning. one owner has been trying to find a legal location to open for years but he said zoning
5:31 pm
restrictions are too strict. zoning restricts gun dealers to commercial zones and requires they be 300 feet away from churches schools or playgrounds. this lawyer says the district zoning restrictions are not in the spirit of the high court's ruling. >> the city cannot ban constitutionally protected activity using zoning laws. >> it is not fair. it is one reason to move out of the district. >> the gun dealer who lost his lease says he will be able to transfer the guns he already has orders for. and he hopes that the atf is his new location an expedited review. it will be weeks, if not longer, before d.c. residents can buy guns again.
5:32 pm
>> thank you. wal-mart is putting more guns on the shelves of its stores. the chain stores began selling firearms in 2007. wal-mart says the new stores are in areas where hunting and fishing are popular. customers will have to fill out the necessary background checks before buying. prince william and kate middleton wed this morning. tonight's celebration continues at buckingham palace. it will have their first night as husband and wife. president obama travel to cape canaveral to to reduce -- the kennedy space center and meet the wounded arizona congressman gabrielle giffords. it does not plan to return for the rescheduled launch on monday. it is unclear isgiffords will
5:33 pm
stay. the deaf toll of devastating tornadoes in the south claims -- climbs to 180. the search for survivors continues tonight as a breeze deal with another problem. looters are reportedly raided businesses across alabama. let's take a look at news around the region tonight. >> something stinks in south arlington. the water pollution control plant never smelled great but it is putting out a strong odor these days, and residents and drivers know why. what do you smell there tonight? what is going on? >> we do not have smell-o- vision, that is probably a good thing. rotten eggs, sulphur other things that are not particularly
5:34 pm
appetizing. arlington county executives are aware and they are working very hard to do something about it. she gets past the water pollution control plant as fast as she can. she pulls her 3-month-old daughter charlie as fast as she can pass the smell. >> [unintelligible] >> the struggle to deal with the stink is getting more difficult. michael has noticed the odor is getting more intense lately. >> day or night and no wind blowing -- it is really rich. >> how would you describe it? >> us to were small. >> the machinery was not working. fixing it will take time. the operations manager insists it the smell is not harmful. just unpleasant. >> we have eliminated the initial problem, but the long
5:35 pm
term solution will probably take two or three weeks. >> with the treatment plant shares in space with a huge area created outside. the odor comes just as the weather is getting nice. >> a lot of people might go somewhere else, and you know. >> tonight, arlington county officials say they are working full time at this facility to try to correct what has been described as a malfunction. they say things could happen sooner rather than later. reporting live, abc7 news. a few people in prince george's county are living the life of a firefighter today. the group donned flame resistant clothing and equipment to fire are real live fire. actual for our farmers -- firefighters were nearby.
5:36 pm
this was meant to give firsthand experience of what they experience every day. time for a traffic report tonight. hi mike. >> solid on the interloop and the beltway. delays between college park and rte. 50. pretty much anywhere on the beltway, is going to be a mess. slowed to middlebrook and germantown. it will take you all the way to -- actually pretty near clarksburg periods -- pretty near clarksburg. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. have a good weekend. coming up, a woman says the
5:37 pm
pope should be a saint because he killed her. >> and the price of gas just went up again. coming up, we will hear from one of the country's largest shipping fleets and we will hear their secrets on how to say. >> and big changes after a rash of air traffic controller incidents. that is coming u
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pope john paul ii the estate according to one woman. >> for pope john paul, he had a diagnosis of parkinson's disease. but some have claimed he healed them. including a bethesda woman. she credits pope john paul ii with "a miraculous healing." nine years ago she got sick and was diagnosed with lupus. despite years of medication, she still suffer. when the pope died, she began nine days of prayer, asking the
5:41 pm
pope to intercede for her with god for a cure. >> i felt warm and i felt -- then my tears came. i said, "thank you. you cured me. " >> she now shows no signs of lupus. the doctor wrote as much. >> it is a miracle. >> he knows that jesus can do so much and we'd leave it in his hands. >> as the vatican ready for sunday's beatification one program is already looking ahead. >> do you think he will become a saint? >> he is. he is. >> pope benedict with the wildly popular john paul on the fast
5:42 pm
track for beatification by waiving the waiting period. he will need one additional miracle before he can be declared a saint. coming up, with gasoline prices rising, we have secrets to save your gas behind the wheel. >> it is made more significant perhaps being british. >> and how
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the royals keep their celebration going. >> the royal couple was greeted by thousands of people along the streets, but there were also celebrations in the streets of washington. >> right now in england, there are thousands of people attending street parties, and iconic tradition kept in the district today. >> thousands of miles from home brits held their own celebration. >> it does not matter where you
5:46 pm
are. we have been here since 3:00 this morning. >> tiaras, even baby once, celebrating the royal nuptials. >> it is so beautiful. >> they found a congratulatory banner to send overseas. >> this is the closest folks in d.c. are going to get to the royal couple. >> it is great to have our american friends here with us. >> on the streets of d.c., it was difficult to find people who did not watch the wedding. >> very elegant and very beautiful. i just thought it was so tasteful. >> how often does this kind of thing happen? >> i guess i felt like there was a need. >> just a single day to escape and experience something. it was beautifully done. it was tastefully done.
5:47 pm
they are great kids. and it was a joyous experience. >> they certainly appreciated the wedding. members of the british embassy attended the street party and they have not finished celebrating. tonight, they are buzzing with guests attending a special reception. >> the globe -- the royal couple asked the people donate to charity for the wedding. the charity was started by brothers who wanted to use basketball to bring people in conflict together. >> it is not yet known how much money has been collected but should the royal couple handover the gift, they would be honored to know their generosity
5:48 pm
is helping children. tomorrows state and federal agencies will set up national take back day. virginians can turn and that their prescription drugs. the goal is to keep and use drugs out of the hands of drug abusers and children and the state's water supply. all right let's look at what is happening at 6:00. >> gordon peterson has all look. >> president obama has produced the long form. now he has harsh words for world leaders. you will hear words like "bair rates," coming up -- "irate" coming up the 6:00. we will see u.s. 6:00.
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>> all right. you will not have to worry about that over the weekend. >> let's go to doug hill. >> still kind of cloudy out there right now. cloud to run the area, but that will improve. we are going to be good to go through the weekend. you are looking live at one of our age the cameras. the malcolm x elementary school. like everybody else, we have this cloud cover moving through the area. we will see some clearing. it will be a cool and clear night. in bristol, va., 61 degrees -- bristow, va 61 degrees. the one -- the tornado there was having 80 mile an hour
5:50 pm
winds. it was an ef zero. there was a much larger tornado reported -- an ef2 up in the shenandoah valley. we will talk about that in the 6:00 report. in the meantime -- as we had through the evening temperatures will drop. we will ever bright, clear sunny day tomorrow. high pressure will really make for a beautiful day. lower 70's. just as quickly as editor rise, sunday will turn cloudy, and early evening, it looks like that cold front and associated low pressure system is developing. here is your weekend forecast. looks good. 73 with partly sunny skies. that is the very latest. back to you. >> if you could only forecast
5:51 pm
that the caps going to win tonight. >> you have to hope so, because they got the team they probably wanted. >> i think you are exactly right. they got the team that they wanted. they were all dressed up and ready to go. the second round of the nhl playoffs. the eastern conference semifinals between the tampa bay lightning and the caps. boy, the caps are confident bunch. they were riding of 4:00 this evening. they want to play just like they did in game 5 against the rangers on saturday. it their win over the rangers must feel like for ever a go for the capitols. >> sometimes too much rest cannot be good. >> while tampa bay emerges from
5:52 pm
its or deal with pittsburgh. >> we do not expect anything less from them. >> the caps and lightning share residents in the southwest division. they are familiar foes. the coach is aware of how quickly the lightning can strike. >> it is about how well we start. >> the goal tending matchup is one for the ages. the caps' has been the best of the goalie so far. while the lightning has a grizzled veteran. >> when you have the experience he has, he is not going to let you go near him. >> it is going to make it tough on us. it does not matter.
5:53 pm
>> we will have more coming up at 6:00. meanwhile, from hockey to football the washington redskins announced their first round there. ryan kerrigan. 22 years old. a math major. we will hear more at 6:00. it is caps and lightning. we are talking football. we are talking hockey. they are also playing baseball. >> tim is wearing his lucky red tide. that is good sign. >> rocket, tim. -- rock it tim.
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5:56 pm
and ups drivers caught some 70,000 miles per day. that is just fine in the district. >> it adds up to a ton of gas.
5:57 pm
very expensive gas. ups has a few secrets. >> jennifer joins us live from northwest washington to share a few secrets. >> remember their slogan -- "what can brown do for you"? we will show you a few tips that the driver is used to save money at the pump and maybe that will help you save. it costs to fill up. how does ups save at the pump? >> it helps the greater good. >> this driver turn this on to the tricks of the trade. >> when you are making a left- hand turn. >> choose the left-hand turn lane. avoid them as much as possible. you have to wait for hours and with gas. >> do not idle.
5:58 pm
>> this technology helps ups drivers drive routes with as many right-hand turns as possible. >> check your tire pressure. >> it costs me $45 to fill my tank. >> frustrated? >> vary. >> it makes your car more aerodynamic. >> the men and women in brown are taught not to done it at the green light. >> that jackrabbit starts is really wasting a lot of gas. >> they cannot take advantage of this particular piece of information, but they wanted to pass it along. they said, take what you can out of your truck. the more weight, the heavier car, the less aerodynamic. which means you are spending more on gas. we're live with abc7 news. >> thank you. next 5:00 -- that is all for
5:59 pm
5:00. the royal wedding goes off without a hitch. women watched throughout the world. also, the president's -- president tours those left homeless by mother nature's wrath. and major changes to keep the skies safer. captioned by the national captioning institute alive and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6:00. on your side. >> it was a great day. ♪ >> and so it was for prince william and kate middleton. their family, friends and 1 million others gathered in westminster abbey and along the streets of london. tonight, they are wrapping up with dinner at buckingham palace.
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